Keira Hand Photography



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Who am I?

I am an unashamed weirdo obsessed with Halloween, the Renaissance Faire, Star Wars, and Superheros. I am a hopeless romantic who falls in love with every couple I meet, and can’t seem to stop getting misty eyed during vows and dances. But above all of these things, I am an artist. I have been creating since the moment I could pick up a pencil, finding my ultimate love in the medium of photography.

To me, a photograph is so much more than a beautiful image, it is a magic time machine that transports you back to a moment of happiness in your life. The minute changes in expression, the crinkles at the edges of eyes in a smile, all of the details that we don’t notice in our day to day interactions - being able to freeze those moments in time is where the magic happens.

To allow these emotions to blossom in my images, I do not pose my clients in a traditional way. I aim for you never to force a smile or feel strained. Instead, a session with me will be filled with a lot of dancing, a lot of jokes, and a lot of movement. At the end of the day, I want you to leave our session feeling like you got to hang out with the ones you love, not like you were being posed into each shot.