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Photos are a time capsule -

I’m going to help you travel back in time.


Hi, my name’s Keira, and I am here to give you more than posed and perfect photos, I will capture that real love and connection that helps you relive your wedding again and again.

But what does that mean?


My goal is not to capture one of those staged mountain-top images or editorial-smoldering looks directed toward the camera; instead, my objective is to capture the real you. My photography seeks to capture the genuine and heartwarming moments of your wedding: your teary-eyed father seeing you for the first time in your wedding dress, you and your friends roaring with laughter as you get your hair and makeup done. Ultimately, I will give you images that will truly allow you to relive the day and document all the warm and priceless moments that encompass it. 


 So that’s my philosophy, but who am I and why do I shoot this way? 

I grew up obsessed with creating. In any form I could, I wanted to make art. I was painting and drawing at any moment I could, and then in high school I found my way to film photography. I loved the tactile nature of it, the slow and methodical nature of setting up your shot, finding focus, and capturing the moment. From that moment on, I was hooked. I went on to study fine art photography, exploring conceptual and sometimes crazy ideas. I was always most interested in emotion - in a day and age where we are so concerned with showing the perfect version of ourselves, I wanted to capture the realness.

If I'm going to be given the opportunity to capture all of the realness of you, then you should know all of me. To begin, I must admit I am a bit of a weirdo (emphasis on the bit). I am the classic nerd into the Renaissance Faire, Star Wars, and graphic novels, and if you’re into any of these things, or D&D, or honestly 1,000 other things we were made fun of for in high school, I will probably freak out(in a good way). I am also your classic extroverted introvert, sometimes talking up a storm and other times quietly observing at a distance(though I am almost always pure extrovert at weddings because it’s 100% my element). I am also extremely awkward in front of the camera, rarely not making a weird face or sticking my tongue out, so I feel you if you feel awkward too (and I should mention that I have all the tricks to help you relax in front of the camera since I know that feeling so well!).