WInter is Coming - A Game of Thrones Styled Shoot

I don’t do styled shoots often, as I am a believer in showing real weddings to my clients, but every once and a while a badass concept comes along and I know I HAVE to join in! This Game of Thrones shoot popped up on Facebook and I HAD to jump on it! Now, here is a truth some people will be shocked by: when I did this shoot I hadn’t watched more than 1 episode of Game of Thrones. I always ended up distracted, doing chores, editing, etc during the show, and then I would be completely lost at the end! But I knew the medieval & fantasy elements of the show would be something my renaissance faire loving self would geek out on. Oh, and don’t worry, I have since buckled down on watching the show and am slowly but surely catching up, about to start season 7!

Thanks to the lovely vendors below this magic was able to happen:

Stylist/Coordinator: Carissa Rumps - Wild Rumpus Photography

Models: Jessi Lou Floyed & Elijah Barrie

Hair: Katherine Ivanov

Grooms Attire: Santino Dummet - Medieville Fur

Dragon Jewelry - Yun Zheng

Daernys Ring - Farrah’s Creations

Florist: Wendy Trujillo

Cake: Ashley Gossett

Paper Details: Gia French