Subtle Nerdy Elements and The Happiest Damn Couple

We all know I am a total nerd, and I will absolutely lose my mind for a couple who shares the same loves as me. When I sat down with this couple before their wedding to discuss details we somehow got on the topic of the renaissance faire, and I knew we were a match made in heaven. They were 100% the ones who convinced me I had to camp at the faire this year, and I am SO hyped! I knew their wedding was going to be a blast with the overwhelming love they had for eachother during our consultation, too. Every moment of the day was full of smile and adoring looks toward eachother and the special friends that joined during the day.

Even though it wasn’t as super nerd as the Star Wars wedding I shot once, the fact that the groom’s band was Legend of Zelda themed was enough for me! And turns out it isn’t even the final ring, just a stand in until the real band comes in(but honestly I would be thrilled to have that ring as my actual wedding band if I was a guy).

This venue was also absolutely amazing! It let me take a little drive out to Helotes to the Gardens at Old Town, the greenery and way the light shined through the dense trees was absolute MAGIC! Oh, and there might have been some hot sauce shots taken during the reception with some hot sauce from that Youtube show Hot Ones(and I might have partaken. Okay, I definitely partook. I can’t resist a spicy challenge.)….