A Dog's Love Is Like No Other - Portraits with Mocha

I have always been in love with animals. As a kid, I had 4+ dogs growing up, horses, and a couple cats. It was an absolute MAD HOUSE! But I loved it nonetheless. This soft spot has made me an absolute sucker for doing pet portraits. It has also made my need to adopt a dog even stronger. I have only had my two cats for the past few years due to college+part time jobs+etc, but now that the part time jobs are gone I find myself craving a pup adoption…perhaps some pet portraits of my own pets will show up on the blog soon?

This sweet girl’s name is Mocha, and her momma wanted to do some portraits with her before going into some major surgery. Portraits with your animals are so important, equally as important to family portraits in my mind. The animals we love really do become like children, so we should celebrate them as such.

Okay enough of my chatting, you came here for pups.